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PTSD Awareness Month:

By: Kalyn (Tuttle) Blake, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Grad Student

**Trigger Warning: This post contains content related to miscarriage, medical trauma, and PTSD.**

As we observe PTSD Awareness Month, I feel compelled to share my personal journey

in hopes of shedding light on the many faces of this condition. My experience with

PTSD didn't stem from a battlefield but from a deeply personal and traumatic event—a

missed miscarriage. This devastating loss was compounded by the need for two

surgeries in quick succession, a physical and emotional ordeal that left me reeling.

Before this, I associated PTSD primarily with military personnel, believing it was

reserved for those who had faced the horrors of war. I never imagined that my own

experiences could trigger such a profound psychological response. However, PTSD can

affect anyone who has gone through a traumatic event, regardless of the nature of that


In the aftermath, I found myself in a state of hypervigilance, constantly on edge, and

unable to relax. The world felt unsafe, and I was trapped in a perpetual state of anxiety.

Isolation became my companion as I struggled to find anyone who could truly

understand the depth of my pain. I felt ashamed for even comparing my experience to

those of soldiers, questioning the validity of my own suffering.

Yet, PTSD is not about comparing traumas. It's about recognizing and addressing the

impact that trauma has on our lives, whatever form it may take. By sharing our stories

and raising awareness, we can help others understand that PTSD can arise from

various experiences and that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

As we raise awareness this month, let’s remember that PTSD knows no boundaries. It

can affect anyone, and everyone’s experience is valid. If you or someone you know is

struggling, reach out for support. Together, we can break the stigma and foster a

community of understanding and healing.

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