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Developing Leaders.
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Discovering What's At The Core of Overall Mental Well Being

At Positive Redirection, we believe that the core of overall well-being is the ability to balance the demands of work and life as well as understanding and developing Emotional Intelligence. 

Steps We Take Towards Success

1. Consultation

During the telephone consultation session we will discuss matters that concern you and the best resources and services to support you.

2. Assessment & Goal Setting

In this phase, we collaborate to set realistic goals according to your needs.  Keeping this in mind, we are able to create individual, tailored development plans to empower positive behavior changes at the personal and organizational level.

Assessment & Goal Setting
3. Results

Expect to discover new coping and stress management strategies, develop healthy emotional responses and apply techniques throughout the areas of your personal and professional life.


About Positive Redirection

Our Mission and Vision

Positive Redirection aims to improve personal and professional performance by encouraging positive well-being and the development of personal and professional identity. We believe that the core of healthy well-being for professionals, is the ability to balance the demands of work and life, while supporting career advancement.  We envision that professionals will gain self awareness, decrease overwhelming feelings,  achieve goals and apply strategies to build resilience.


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