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Just in case you missed it.......

COVID-19: The Clinician's Experience is available!

 We are currently unable to offer CE credit for this replay, but will keep you informed as to when we will offer CE credits through NBCC for home study and asynchronous programs.

Positive Redirection aims to support Mental Health clinicians in preventing and recovering from burnout and compassion fatigue.  Take our short quiz "Am I on The Road to Burnout?" and see how we can help! 


The mental health profession loses too many talented and committed clinicians because of burnout.  We are here to support you as you grow professionally and personally.  You owe it to yourself to be well!!

                       -Letitia Huger-Hill, LCMHC-S

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Dear Mental Health Professional,
redefine resilience!

At Home

We will show up for ourselves and our families!

At Work

We will show up in our businesses!

In Our Community

We will show up for those we serve!

Live your day as Emotionally Intelligent as you can!

Understanding emotional intelligence and how the domains work in tandem with burnout prevention, is the key to redefining resilience.

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